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I've never had falafel before so I'm looking forward to this Ready Steady Glow recipe!

Didn't realise it served 4, so hoping these will keep well to have again later in the week. 😋💚

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Madeleine Shaw
over 2 years

Aww so glad you liked them! I love these falafels the hazelnuts are scrummy in them! Enjoy your lunch xx

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over 2 years

I really enjoyed it! I was surprised at the amount of flavour in the falafel and the dressing was amazing! Tasted like a thin hummus. 😋 So easy to make as well. Will definitely be having it again.

Really looking forward to it for lunch tomorrow. 😄

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Elena Gontarz
over 2 years

Me too! Tried a felafel only once and wasn't impressed however Maddie's version looks very appetising! You have to tell us how it was! Xxx 😉

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over 2 years

Nice! I want to make them soon too! 😀