Feeling a bit fed up at the moment. I've been unable to do the workouts for a while due to illness. Yesterday I was really motivated and feeling ready to get back into the way of it, then at work my sciatica kicked in. 😔 Haven't had any problems with it for a while, but it makes it difficult to walk and get off a chair let alone workout! Does anyone have any suggestions about little things I could do? The workouts were a major part of the guides for me and I'm not achieving the results I'd like due to the lack of them. 😢

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over 4 years

Do some gentle stretching! I find that helps my lower back problems immensely.

over 4 years

I always use a hot water bottle to help my sciatica . I try to keep active as often find it makes it worse if I don't - even though I might feel pain at first , movement helps to settle it .

Madeleine Shaw
over 4 years

Hello beautiful I'm so sorry to hear that!! Try taking magnesium supplements as it helps to relax your muscles, a bath is great too!! Definitely see the out GP before starting any exercise if you are in pain. I hope you feel better soon 💛💛

over 4 years

Thank you, Pincess. ☺ I will try the bath salts. Hopefully they help - it's the frustration that gets to me more than the pain! xx

over 4 years

Poor you that's horrible. How about Epsom salt baths. They are good for settling nerve pain like sciatic pain. They must be pure Epsom salts - amazon is good as they do 5 and 10 kg tubs and add 500g and soak for 15 mins. Sometimes a really deep tissue massage is good too. Xx