How does everyone manage their sugar craving?
It doesn't matter what I eat I always crave something sweet afterwards. When I feel hungry it's always for something sweet I want. Is anyone else finding this?

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about 4 years

I had to tackle it with chromium picolinate

about 4 years

Thank you for the great ideas. I'm definitely going to try adding cinnamon to my porridge. Just made carrot Bircher to get me started tomorrow.

about 4 years

I sometimes get that and can usually curb it with either a cube of dark chocolate (we usually have some 85% Green and Black's in the cupboard), or I'll have a dried apricot or small handful of sultanas . Even really tiny amounts of each of those things does the trick for me x

Madeleine Shaw
about 4 years

Hello gorgeous!! Cinnamon in your porridge is great and also having liquorice tea it has an amazing sweetness to it!! It does take a while but the date balls can be had daily and you will get used to the natural sweetness from that xxxx

about 4 years

Cinnamon helps me, it regulates sugar levels. But if I can't resist, I go for something healthy, like Ombar chocolate. X

Samantha Ward
about 4 years

I'm doing without but I'm only on day 3 week one. What about a date ball after meals, would that help? I guess it's just finding the good/better sugars until your cravings go

about 4 years

I did for a few weeks but it goes away if you can stick with it xx