Hey ladies I'm making the carrot and beef stew from week 2, Monday's dinner. Do we really have to wait 2-2.5hrs? Mines on now and I don't think I can wait until 930pm! I used steak pieces rather than stewing beef so should be fine right?
I could maybe take my dinner out and leave the other three portions going? X

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about 4 years

If it's steak wouldn't cook that long as it will dry the meat out. Next time use stewing/braising as slow cooking is what brings out the flavour. I'm sure it will still be lovely 👍

about 4 years

I used topside beef and cooked it for 2 hours. Flavors were very different from when it cooked just 30 min. I suggest you leave it for 2. I was in the same dilemma yesterday and instead got grilled meat takeaway and made 3 portions. One for today's lunch and froze the 2. It's v yummy btw!

about 4 years

We do. But I'm already cooking it for dinner tonight đŸ˜¶

about 4 years

Do you have a slow cooker. I popped mine in the slow cooker in the morning and it was all ready whn i got home from work.