I fell upon the pull out recipes in The Times on Saturday; ordered the new book and prepared the lamb cutlets with salsa verde, and the beetroot, kale and mozzarella salad for my boyfriend and I on Sunday ( he loved the freshness and flavours of both!); bought the app, ordered the first book and had avocado on toast with tomato, feta and mint for supper on Monday; up early and back in the swimming pool today with whole baked Asian fish and Bok Choy for supper. Off to bed soon (three hours earlier than my usual time) after 15 mins of meditation. Only 5 more sleeps until Sunday! Not sure I can wait to really get going but will spend the next few days chucking out all the bad stuff and stocking up on the good stuff 😍

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Jackie Richards
over 4 years

I can feel your motivation singing off the page!

over 4 years

Enjoy! It's fantastic! xx

Madeleine Shaw
over 4 years

This is amazing!! Well done Jacqui, I can't wait to hear about all your progress! So exciting I hope you enjoy the ride xx

over 4 years

Awesome! Enjoy the programme. 🌞🌞

over 4 years

Wow amazing. You will love it. 💚

Emma Kelly
over 4 years

Yay go Jacqui! ✨ you are going to love the programme! Xx