Hello all -

I have been off for quite some time. These last two weeks I have been traveling for work and then taking a nice vacation. I am so excited to get home and back to my schedule and my plan! I will be starting my 3rd attempt at the glow guides on Sunday. Who's starting then too???

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about 4 years

Ello Em! 3rd time for me too on Sunday. Got to get fit for paddle board season!!

Madeleine Shaw
about 4 years

Oh my goodness that looks divine!! You can do it gorgeous you're beautiful body will let you ❤️💛💛💥💥

about 4 years

I'll be attempting third time too! Third time lucky! X

about 4 years

I'm starting on Sunday too x

about 4 years

Hiya 🙋
Welcome back. You can do it. Just focus and prepare and it will all start to become routine again. Xx