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Morning Glow Squad! It’s been SO incredible to see all your beautiful recreations already so I thought I’d share one of mine too... here’s my yummy breakfast of rye bread and avocado. So good 💚 I’m already looking forward to a hearty roast - it’s what Sundays are all about, right? How are you finding your first day? A couple of you have spotted that some extra sweet potato has appeared in tonight’s dinner recipe. Just ignore it while we get it corrected and eat all your sweet potato mash at lunch. As ever I’m here in the app if you have questions today. So proud of you all for embarking on this wellness journey with me. GLOW GIRLS!! xxx

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almost 3 years

Madeleine, thank you for this, I've had a good 1st day. The Yoga session today was my 1st ever - I really enjoyed it. You are a great roll model for everyone, but especially young woman. Keep up the good work X

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almost 3 years

I'm usually great with breakfasts but today I was craving a minging sausage and egg muffin from those awful fast food horrors. I was going to make one all grain free but alas life got in the way. So now I'm having a super grump as I feel drained and hungry. Well done everyone else for eating so well and keeping your hangry deamons at bay xx

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Jane GlowGirl EastMidlands
almost 3 years

Surprisingly filling breakfast - perfect before a run followed by the yoga

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almost 3 years

Never tried rye bread before, complete convert! X

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Venetia Falconer
almost 3 years

Yay maddy! I've started preparations already! Cinnamon date balls on fleeeeeek xxxx

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Von Tivey
almost 3 years

It's amazing! Chicken in early as I'm playing a tennis match all afternoon! Breakfast sure to keep me going! Thanks you for the time you have put in to this app - it's fantastic 😘

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Grace Carey Caton
almost 3 years

How much roughly is the cost per week for the ingredients? And is everything dairy and sugar free? Xx

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Shereen Proctor
almost 3 years

Beautiful start to the day, love this Glow Guide app, thank you Madeleine Xx