Morning all! Loving this guide and just finishing wk 2. I'm still having my morning coffee- I look toward to this quiet time drinking it before kids up and work day begins. I'm ok with that but still want to turn to wine and crisps !! When feeling emotionally uneasy about anything!! Feel so bad this morning after doing just that last night. Head sore and sluggish so it's good that I can clearly see the negative effects of this. Any advice about dealing with my emotions better? I love the affirmation meditation about being good enough and I think this will help with time. Now just have to not beat myself up all day!!! Xxx

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Madeleine Shaw
about 4 years

Hello gorgeous girl!! We all have those cravings just be aware of how it makes you feel afterwards. Perhaps take time to meditate and take some time to yourself and treat yourself instead of feeling guilty. Have a healthy snack such as my date balls and a lovely cup of herbal tea xx

about 4 years

Thank you so much xxx

Ella Cockerell
about 4 years

Hi Cheryl. First of all, don't beat yourself up. Don't look back, you're not going that way. Second, when you get the cravings, try and train a new habit to treat yourself to something else. Paint your nails, run a bath, give yourself a facial. And remember that if you really want a glass of wine, then one is fine. Know when your trigger points are (mine is 5pm Friday, but I find if I don't have one by 8pm, I figure it's not worth opening a bottle at that point so I don't.) And I am a real wine fan, we are members of 4 wine clubs, and always have c. 40 bottles of wine in the house. Good wine is such a treat, I refuse to give it up completely, but I am managing to be much more mindful about when I do have it, and make one glass last. Hope that helps. Also, remember that no feeling is permanent. Much as you think the wine and crisp binge will make you feel better before you do it, try and remember this feeling you have now, and realise it's not worth it X