Hi Glow Girls, I have just bought myself the GGs as a 40th birthday present and am looking forward to feeling more energised! I have a 3 year old and a 9 month old baby who doesn't sleep through (so "get more sleep" will be difficult). Does anyone have any tips on how to get the most out of the GGs with these, er.....limitations? Also any suggestions on making the meal plan work for the whole family? All advice is welcome 😀

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almost 4 years

Thanks for the support. I want to try to reduce the sugar in everyone's lives if I can, so will try the food on everyone, although it's good to know I'm not the only one who resorts to frozen potato items for the kids sometimes!

almost 4 years

My boys have also tried a lot of stuff too. They love the chicken and cashew pasta but they have just had real pasta with theirs instead. Some things I've added to theirs and sometimes they've eaten a pizza and oven chips... Just give them the naughty stuff when you are having a good motivation day, and get seriously prepped. Since I've always got carrot sticks in the fridge now they've eaten better and since I've started this I've refused to buy biscuits cakes etc for them. I now bake once a week enough to give them a daily slice or treat after tea and when it's gone it's gone. If I do slip up its healthier than the half a pack of biscuits I could have eaten. Better quality just less is my new mantra!!!

Madeleine Shaw
almost 4 years

Hello gorgeous!! How exciting!! So glad you've invested in glow guides! Do what you can, be kind to yourself and any chance you get take some time for yourself even if it's meditation this will do wonders for your mind and restful state even if you're not sleeping!! ❤️❤️

almost 4 years

Take each day as it comes 😊 maybe try to get on track with food first and a bit of yoga in the evening. I'm sure you're already burning the calories running round with 2 little ones xx

almost 4 years

Just do what you can, be kind to yourself and remember even the small changes help. My family have really surprised me by how many of the meals they've tried! ❤️