Can I double check the Tamari is soy sauce?? Does it matter which one I buy?

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Madeleine Shaw
almost 5 years

Hello! Yes tamari is gluten-free soy sauce it has the same taste 😘

about 5 years

Thank you ladies ! I was looking for a paste or something so would of walked straight past it in Waitrose!

about 5 years

Look at the sodium content though. That's the only downside. I've yet to find a low sodium gluten free soy sauce!

about 5 years

My local Asda has tamari in their "free from" section. ☺

about 5 years

Yes it's gluten free soy sauce. I got that in my health shop

about 5 years

Tamari is a gluten-free version of soy sauce. They taste pretty much identical but the guides are gluten-free so that's probably why we're using it. You can get it in Waitrose and also in Wholefoods, I'm not sure about tesco, they don't have it in my local one...