Hi everyone, I'm a newbie! Signed up this morning after buying 'ready, steady, glow' at the weekend. I've struggled with my weight and self esteem for more years than I care to imagine so after reading the first few pages of the book and ordering the first one from Amazon too! I decided to sign up! Any tips or suggestions would be gratefully received, I'm currently going through the kitchen and clearing out the rubbish ready to start on Sunday. Have a nice afternoon everyone, Donna xxx

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about 4 years

Thanks so much ladies, I'm getting all excited now! I've even sorted my wardrobe too, there are so many clothes I'd love to get in too!!! #gettheglow

about 4 years

Amazing. Welcome.
Prep is important - make sure you have everything in.
I've lost about a stone and a half in 14 weeks so that's good.
The community is fab. You won't be hungry. Week one is a bit tough as body adjusts but the rest is a breeze. Xx

Madeleine Shaw
about 4 years

Welcome to the team!! Amazing that you're starting on Sunday that's so exciting!! Stay strong, you're going to do so well!! Prepping is key and using meditation will help you to relax and be grounded!! Let us know how you get on 💛💛❤️❤️

about 4 years

Welcome to the club. I hope you love it as much as me. Definitely get rid of all the naughty things you aren't allowed. And don't worry about going hungry. The positions are very healthy and delicious. Have fun. X

about 4 years

Welcome to the glow squad!