Sorry more advice now...
I'd like recommendations for a good protein powder, matcha tea, superfood boost and turmeric powder 💛
Thanks xx

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Madeleine Shaw
about 4 years

I love sun warrior and Pulsin protein powders!! Matcha I love tea pigs and bloom!! Xx

about 4 years

I use green powder ultimate blend- has matcha plus whole bunch of other stuff like wheatgrass, maca root, acai berry,spiralina, baobab ( hion pure living from Amazon) just chuck nuts in for protein :)

about 4 years

I have a matcha powder from Holland and Barrett. Not the cheapest but last ages and makes a delicious matcha latte :)

Jenny Quinn
about 4 years

Thanks lovely. I'll try those recommendations xx

about 4 years

Morning lovely. I can only help with the protein and turmeric. I just get whatever turmeric I can find in the supermarket - usually Sainsbury's own or the Schwartz one. And I just got some SunWarrior vanilla protein powder which I'm really enjoying so far in smoothies. I know that Tea Pigs do a good matcha powder but I've never bought it myself. Definitely want to give it a go though! xx