Just another question! In the turmeric milk, could I use ground ginger instead of fresh? Or would I not get the same benefit? I just don't know if I could manage a punch of fresh ginger first thing in the morning! 😖

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Jackie Richards
almost 4 years

I use a micro plane grater, no big bits 💕

Madeleine Shaw
almost 4 years

Fresh is best!! It's full of much more goodness and anti-inflammatory properties xx

almost 4 years

I sometimes strain it if the bits are too big.

almost 4 years

I learnt to swallow it quickly without biting or letting it stay in my mouth, if it makes sense. I just quickly swallow it without tasting it. 🙂

almost 4 years

Oh yes I have, I didn't think of doing that, thanks so much, I just didn't fancy the 'bits'!!! 😁

almost 4 years

It should be fresh lovely 😊. Have you got a nutri bullet? Whizz it all up together before you heat it. You get used to it 💚