So I just got a notification congratulating me for finishing the programme. All great apart from I totally haven't. I got to week 4 and then life / work stress got into the way. Had a bad day which turned into a bad week and then a bad month. Completely lost my willpower, motivation and glow 😢 need to get back to it - especially as I have a few stressful months coming up and this plan would really help me stay calm. Anyone else whose fallen off the wagon want to get on it again with me? 💪🏼 X

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Madeleine Shaw
about 4 years

Great advice above!! You can always go back to the beginning but any change is amazing!! You're doing so well, keep going beautiful xx

about 4 years

Hey Liv, I had the same thing! Just pick up where you left off & don't beat yourself up about it. Try & think of it as a lifestyle change rather than an 8 week plan. I started well up to about week 4, but then a holiday & a couple of crazy weeks at work stopped me cooking. Sometimes life just gets in the way, but within just a couple of days of being healthy you'll feel better again. Good luck! 😊 x

about 4 years

Just pick yourself up honey and keep going. I had bad week this week but just makes me want to commit to this even more! We can do this together xx

about 4 years

Me ! Too many things got in the way lately .

Jackie Richards
about 4 years

Me! I need to get my head sorted 💕 and get into it 100%!!

about 4 years

I've fallen off a couple of times but only got to week 2. Life, work, etc......I am starting again tomorrow , new month, etc......come join me x