Tonight's pho was phenomenal. #week4 I had a bad eating day today. Forgot to pack a proper lunch had a salad and chicken sandwich from our school canteen. Then some malteserts, then a bag of crisps... First time i fail this much in the program. I took a long nap and decided it was enough. Hopefully this is me back on my feet.. Will wait an hour or two then do my workout of the day. Repeat to self: i can do this!

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Madeleine Shaw
about 4 years

You can!! You're doing so well gorgeous!! 💛💛

about 4 years

You can do it, in the balance of things one bad meal isn't that bad!

about 4 years

Absolutely you can do it! Already a great step back on track by cooking yourself a healthy dinner rather than continuing on to another bag of maltesers! X

about 4 years

i have had a similar day....going to have a relaxing bath and a serious chat with myself....and tomorrow is a new day!!!