I had a bit of an indulgent weekend and I know we should be allowed to treat ourselves but I feel dreadful. A very sore and bloated tummy (I literally look 6 months pregnant) and feel very sick :( any ideas am how I can get back to normal? Xxx

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Madeleine Shaw
about 4 years

Hello gorgeous!! Try incorporating tummy healing foods such as miso, sauerkraut, apple cider vinegar and herbal teas. Make sure you're having enough water xx

about 4 years

Don't worry about it hunny, Remember the mirror lies and you are not half as bloated as it is suggesting, a lot of people get a placebo effect aswell in the sense that because they know they have had some treats there brain says "oh you feel rubbish now because you swayed from your healthy eating when actually your not feeling that bad. I'm not saying your making it up but try to put it in perspective. At the weekend you enjoyed and indulged which is part of a healthy balance don't fret now about your body it will all be fine X X

Susan McGarrigle
about 4 years

Snap Jenny.. Felt dreadful Sunday and Monday. Better today but no appetite. That'll be a lesson learnt 😧

about 4 years

I've got a severe gluten intolerance whenever I eat it I get really sick and blow up like a balloon. Try ginger tea, warm water lemon, chia pudding, activated charcoal are all useful tools and even though you don't want to drink lots and lots of water to help flush out the bad. Hope it helps xxx

Jenny Quinn
about 4 years

I'm trying my best. Had a yummy green smoothie and nutritious salad for lunch but I'm struggling to eat it :( xx

about 4 years

oh i wouldnt worry you arent alone. put it behind you 1 indugent weekend neednt turn into an indulgent week. keep going and put all the principles back in place. listen to your body, give it what it needs ensuring that u give it nutrious foods to help it recover. thats my plan 😀