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Good things take time 💜
Let’s have an awesome week glow squad - who’s ready to put in some hard work and cheer each other on? xxx

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over 2 years

I'm new and just finding my way around but nice to read everyone comments I'm excited to start feeling and looking great thanks to this app which although new loving so far

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over 2 years

Defiantly feeling motivated for some great workouts and delicious food!! X

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over 2 years

On week 2 and loving it! Had a couple of weekend blips and didn't manage exercise although did run 3 times. Did the Workout A last night and rocked that routine.

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over 2 years

Thanks for the reminder ✨, needed that

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Madeleine Shaw
over 2 years

Thanks beautiful 💛💛

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over 2 years

Week 1 for me! Amazing how sorted meal planning can make you feel - I know what I'm eating, when I'm training and when I'm in the yogi zone. Inspired by your genuine positivity Madeline! Good luck everyone, have a great Monday x