Hi Maddie! I have just downloaded Glow Guides and I am going to start this weekend! I am very excited! I am at the end of a Neurological problem that was caused by stress which at the start put me in a wheelchair, and I have been out of work for 7 weeks! After reading your books they have really inspired me to start this journey as I have realised how precious the body is! Your story about this lifestyle helping your IBS inspired me also, and I hope this lifestyle helps with my condition too! I am however very nervous about telling the people around me that I am starting this guide, I guess I just presume that they will not understand ... Do you have any suggestions or advice from when you first started and how you told people around you? Thank you! Katie xx

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about 4 years

Welcome! Don't worry want other people think! Your doing something to get yourself happy and healthy! You'll be glowing in no time! đź’•

about 4 years

Yay Welcome! Soon you'll be so in love with glowing that you'll want to share it with people! And anyway, who cares what other people think, don't be worrying about that. Xx

about 4 years

You don't have to tell anyone if you don't feel like it! I haven't, it was quite easy since at uni we all bring our own food but I guess it can be the same at work :) however I do have some meals off when I decide to go out, but it would probably be the same if people did know !
Now I haven't told them because I didn't think it mattered, not because o am embarrassed - there's absolutely no reason to be ashamed to want to be healthy ! Whatever you decide, it will be quite easier than you think xx

about 4 years

Hello 🙋
I'm not Maddie lol but you should just tell people that your doing something to get yourself well and then everyone will benefit. If they don't understand just let them see the results! Anyone who cares about you will be happy that you are doing this.
I hope you continue to recover. Xx