Is week 2 salmon & broccoli pasta really 250g of pasta? Just made it and there is loads. Sadly pasta went all claggy. Kids completely rejected it & husband picked. I thought it tasted quite nice!

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about 4 years

Tried it on the kids again today. Still refused to even taste it!

about 4 years

Loved that recipe, but there is indeed a lot of pasta! You really need to rinse the pasta well before and after cooking, which should help it not stick together as much. 💚

Samantha Ward
about 4 years

I really liked it but it did do 4 meals and one left that I didn't eat! lol. Don't know if I could eat it again after 4 times in a row

Jackie Richards
about 4 years

I wasn't keen on it đŸ˜±

about 4 years

It is but there is loads. I really liked that one