I've had digestive issues for some time. During week 1 they seemed to go away and my system seemed to return to 'normal'. Now on week 4 and since the end of week 2 I've barely been. Anyone else had this, and any suggestions on what I can do to get things moving? I'm eating loads of prunes which is not ideal for the sugar content but I am getting desperate and very bloated! Thanks in advance and sorry for grim post on a Friday afternoon X

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Madeleine Shaw
over 4 years

Hello lovely, try incorporating some fermented foods such as apple cider vinegar, miso and fresh stock. Also I take probiotics and digestive enzymes which might help xx

over 4 years

I have problems and try to add soaked linseeds or chia to smoothies and porridge daily and it does help a lot. Poor you xx

Ella Cockerell
over 4 years

I hadn't actually, although I have done that in the past. There used to be a place in my home town that did it, but I don't think there is anywhere around here that does it now

Jackie Richards
over 4 years

You poor thing, how uncomfortable. Have you thought of having a colonic treatment?