Hi Everyone

Its been a while since I posted my dear glow sisters. I have been on a vacation and then had to go for a small operation. I am back and raring to go back to healthy eating.

This time around I have decided to mix it up a bit and use recipes from the book and also the programme. is this ok? I am restarting back on Monday and I cant wait.

My 1st tried out recipe from Ready Steady Glow and its so yummie. Madeleine the new book is amazing and I cant wait to start trying out recipes.

💛 Mango Lassi Smoothie 💛

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Madeleine Shaw
about 4 years

Welcome back!! Thanks so much gorgeous xx

about 4 years

oooooo thats the first one i made too from the book...lovely and simple x

Awaken My Spirit
about 4 years

Thank You Heather 😘

about 4 years

Welcome back Awaken My Spirit! 🙌🏼✨ The mango lassi is sooo good! 😋