Spent most of the day in the kitchen preparing. 😰 However soo worth it.. ☺☺☺☺ looking forward to relaxing yoga tonight....

Enjoying my delicious chicken lunch.... yummie...

Madeleine thank you so much... 👍👍👍

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Awaken My Spirit
over 4 years

Oh thank you Madeleine... 💗

I have got to thank you from the bottom of my heart for reaching out to all of us especially myself,as this app has come at such a right time in my life..

I felt like I lost my inner spirit and I hope that these 8 weeks will help me find myself again.

Just completed my yin stretchy yoga session and I feel so relaxed and I dont remember thr last time I felt like this.


Madeleine Shaw
over 4 years

Thank you Awaken my Spirit! Have loved seeing your pictures today! X