Hi lovelies, today has been a mixed bag and this seemed the best place to share. I'm a massive sugar fiend and before starting the plan I was caught in a struggle of trying to eat healthily but then bingeing on sweet stuff. I'm on week 4 and today has been the first day that I've done that. Had a long day with work with a 5am get up, 6 am train and then meetings in London and Bristol. I got in this afternoon and gorged on a tub of Ben and jerrys, peanut butter and an Easter egg that we had left over. Predictably I feel disgusting but its actually pretty huge for me that this plan has kept me away from doing this for 4 weeks- it may not seem like much but for me that's a huge step as it's something I was doing at least once a week. I've just prepped my pho soup for tomorrow and have got my gym kit out for a morning workout so I'm taking positive steps to get back on it rather than dwelling on what I've eaten today. I don't know if it's the meditation, the holistic plan or the fact that the food doesn't make me feel deprived in any way but 4 weeks is a really good first step 😊 sorry for the essay! 💜💜

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Madeleine Shaw
about 4 years

Hello gorgeous! Congratulations to you your all your small steps it's contributing to something Amazon and you're doing so well!! Keep staying strong beautiful xx

about 4 years

We have all been there for sure. I always say if I am going to go off plan - really enjoy what I have and eat it slowly. Don't feel guilty or there is no point in having it.
Fresh day today back on track! No stress 😊. One bad day won't mess it up. Xx

Lynn Watkinson
about 4 years

Amazing first step! I am the same! However now if I have a bad meal or snack attack is till feel good that I may have had an off plan meal or munch attack.... But the fact that I had a heathy breakfast and lunch still puts me in a much better place than before! X

about 4 years

Hey there, I have exactly the same trigger point with work - when it gets intense and stressful (with long hours too) the sugar cravings hit and I find it so hard to say no to biscuits and chocolate at the office. You've made amazing progress to make it through 4 weeks! Well done you! Best thing to do is be kind to yourself, let it go, come back to the present and start tomorrow fresh. All will be well xxx