Hey guys :) I was just wondering if anyone else doing glow guides is a vegetarian (I do eat some fish).

Could anyone give me any suggestions to what they substitute meat for?

:) many thanks! hope you are all doing well.
kerri xx

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almost 4 years

I was a vegetarian however after my health suffering from not getting all the nutrients I needed such as haem iron and b vitamins from meat I opted to start including organic pasture reared meat and chicken and fish as well and boy does my body feel so much happier. I guess grains and beans is a option however too much of these contain lots of phytates which prevents the absorption of iron and calcium and zinc which can become a problem, and tofu in the uk is pretty processed so it's a tricky one to ensure you get all you need without complete proteins in meat. Fish is good but again too much can mean your mercury levels would go too high so again it's back to everything in moderation. Would you eat eggs? They could be an option? Or haloumi cheese or mozerella cheese. Sorry I can't think of many more ideas? Good luck X X X

almost 4 years

Amazing thank you very much! :)

almost 4 years

I'm the same! I only eat fish. I substitute the meet with a mix of grains and beans, tempeh, tofu or veggie burgers. I also freeze a portion of chickpea curry to replace the beef stew in week 1 (which my husband eats)

almost 4 years

Yes, me 🙂actually vegan 🤔😅I just substitute meat with chickpeas, lentils, sweet potato, quinoa etc to my meals.