What are people's thoughts on Burts Bees products? Are they a good natural buy for facial wash, face cream and body lotion? Would like to add some natural products in to my collection without breaking the bank!

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about 4 years

I've been using yes to they are good and natural love the texture and feel

about 4 years

check Naturisimo.com website, they have many brilliant products :*

about 4 years

i cant remember what i tried but it put me off the brand i just temember them being thick and cloggy.

about 4 years

I use tinted and regular lip balm, hand cream, cuticle cream, coconut foot cream and I'm about to try the cleanser. I love Burt's Bees but always smell then first because I know some people don't like the way certain products smell.

about 4 years

I've only tried the lip balms but they were lovely! Smelled and tasted a little bit too nice though, I kept having to reapply them as I kept licking my lips 😅