Hey lovelies!!
I'm thinking about signing up to the glow guide and starting in a week or so once my exams are all over and done with...I'm a student and haven't got a lot of money, how have you been finding the prices of the ingredients?? And would I need to buy any equipment??
Thanks! Xo

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Madeleine Shaw
about 4 years

Hello gorgeous, good luck in your exams! It's really reasonably priced and you are investing in ingredients that will last a long time!! It works out at about £30-£40 a week 😘😘

about 4 years

I agree with layal. Have saved money - initial shop a bit dearer but around 30-40 a week after that 😊

about 4 years

I find it has helped me save money since i don't get to snack on unhealthy junk.

about 4 years

Good luck with your exams!
It is to start off with but once you have all of the dry ingredients in your cupboards, it gets cheaper. It's an amazing investment :)