Programme Complete!
I'm so thankful for all this programme gave me and absolutely fell in love with the workouts and yoga routines!
I think I'm going to repeat the guide and focus more attention to the mediation and weekly goals as I found I'd slip behind on these!
Just curious to what others who have completed the guide are doing? Do you find the workouts too easy?/how are you making them more intense to suit your fitness level?

Huge thank you to both Maddie and Shona as well as this amazing glow community!

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over 4 years

Thank you for your tips!
Have a great day X

Glow Girl NW Leah
over 4 years

I've completed the guides too.... I'm sticking with the clean eating using some recipes from guide mixed in with some from Maddys new book and done if my own!
Workouts.... I've mixed a few together to spice up plus I've added in 3kg Dumbbells which really makes a difference! I've also increased length of exercises slightly by 15secs.... All small changes but really helps!
Congrats on completing the guide!! Xxx đź’•