Just completed my first week. Lost 2 lbs and feel a lot less bloaty. A couple of slip ups when eating out and have had to substitute with meals from 'ready steady glow' as I'm veggie. Loving the yoga as I haven't been able to get to a class since my second little one was born. Struggling to fit the exercise in between work and kids but will persevere and do what I can as I'm already feeling better. Date balls are amazing - finding it hard to have only one! Struggling to learn to love turmeric milk. Does anyone have any suggestions for alternatives? Was thinking hot water lemon and cinnamon but not sure if has same health benefits. Looking forward to next seven weeks.

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about 4 years

Thanks guys. Will try it with almond milk and a dash of honey to see if that makes it more palatable. Otherwise, it's lemon and ginger as I love this. X

Madeleine Shaw
about 4 years

Yayy so glad you're enjoying the plan gorgeous. If you really don't like the tumeric milk then you can just try a different milk or have lemon and ginger xx

R M Raithby
about 4 years

I use almond milk instead of rice and add 1/2 tsp of honey, I'm hoping to cut this out as I adjust to the taste. Good luck