Does anyone have any tips for not engaging/putting strain on your lower back while exercising?

Every time I do the workouts my sciatica gets aggravated, which I am assuming is down to me wrongly engaging my lower back - unintentionally, of course! This means that after a couple of days I have to stop exercising again.

I try to focus on engaging my core, but am still having issues. Any advice on specific things I can do?

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about 4 years

Thanks, Layal! I'll concentrate on taking things slowly and hopefully this will limit the strain. I think there's a mental urge to get through the workouts at the same speed as everyone else, thinking it will be better for you, but if you're not focussing on posture then it certainly won't be! Thank you for the advice. 😊

about 4 years

Focus on doing the exercises slowly and especially focus on your posture while doing them. Doing it slowly especially at first helps you do the exercise correctly (but it burns more!!)