Hello glowers! I have just started the glow guides and I completed the first exercise today, does it get easier as this weeks go on and your get stronger ? ... because I really struggled! Especially the burpees!! I have just recovered from a very rare illness lasting two months so I anticipated it being difficult but I was really struggling! xxxx

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about 4 years

I did workout A for the first time today. Although it was a good workout I felt the repetition made it a bit boring. The burpees were a killer!

about 4 years

I'm still struggling with the exercise at week 7. It hasn't got easier for me so I've just done more yoga and lots of walking, it's just a "guide" after all. Do everything you can and it will all come eventually. This for me isn't an 8 week thing for me but a long term change so I'd rather do it gradually.
Do what suits you and don't fret!

Katie Lowe
about 4 years

Thank you!!! Feel much better knowing how well you are all doing and that it does get a little easier ❤️❤️

Madeleine Shaw
about 4 years

Hello beautiful!! Promise it gets easier!! Take it at your own pace 💚💚

about 4 years

It gets easier! My arms were scrawny and now on week 6, i have noticeable arm muscles. This is next to me cheating on weekends and skipping the occasional workout. Just keep pushing through 💗

about 4 years

Yeah don't worry or stress. Like Danielle says we are all different. It does get a bit easier though as you get to know the exercises and don't need to stare at the screen. Like Shona says you just go at your own pace as she wants perfect moves rather than speed. Well done for starting xxx

about 4 years

Don't feel disheartened as we are all at different fitness levels when we start!

Go through it at your own pace and you will improve over time. Do what is right for your body. 😊

And well done for getting through it - it's a tough'un! xx