I’m bright eyed and bushy tailed this morning on my way to Manchester for my book tour!! I’m going to be at The Yard Alderley Edge hosting lunch at 12.30pm, followed by a healthy afternoon tea at 3pm then Waterstones Deansgate tonight! Lots of stuff to get involved with check my website for details xx

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about 4 years

Myself and my friend Kim came along to the yard and were blown away by how beautiful you and the food were , what a lovely day we had x

about 4 years

Have fun! 👍📚

Vicki C
about 4 years

Awesome, have fun! I hope to see you in Edinburgh one day 😘

about 4 years

Enjoy it Madeleine! Are you planning to go to other places? Please please come to Birmingham! 😊X!

about 4 years

Wish I could have come down to Manchester! Will you be going any more places on your book tour? 😊😊

Jeremy Smith
about 4 years

Hope it goes well!! Thx for update this is best app on my phone ♥️