Hey glow squad. The last week has been really tough for me. Working really long hours and at the weekend so don't feel I've had a break. Only managed to fit in 2 workouts and 1 yoga last week, and had a headache Thursday to Saturday. Today was another 12 hour day and I'm just so tired I couldn't face a workout. On the upside, I stayed on plan food & meditation wise, and not missed a days dry brushing or turmeric milk. Time was I would have taken the stress of the last week as the perfect excuse to dive headfirst into a bar of galaxy and a whole bottle of red. Just feel committed to this, and to myself 👍

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Ella Cockerell
about 4 years

Thanks all, I did week 6 yoga this morning which was lovely!! Back on it 😊💪🏻

Madeleine Shaw
about 4 years

That's so amazing gorgeous and you're still fitting in exercise which is great!! You're doing so well and I'm so glad you're finding it easy to stay on the plan!! So lovely to hear, keep going strong beautiful you can do this 💛💛🌟🌟❤️❤️

about 4 years

Well done you!!! That's so impressive and u should be really proud of yourself! I know when I'm knackered its ten times harder!!! Keep at it and don't beat urself up over not doing the workouts - remember it's 80% food & only 20% diet! Xx

about 4 years

That's so impressive that you've stayed on the food plan despite those long days! Congratulate yourself! You'll get back in to the workouts no problem :) xx