Any tips on improving skin tone around the stomach area? (And everywhere really!) I am quite happy with my stomach shape but not so much with the tone. And who does the dry brushing, what are the benefits? Thanks in advance glow girls! 🌞

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about 4 years

Thanks ladies! 😘

Madeleine Shaw
about 4 years

Hello gorgeous I love dry body brushing and find it really effective!! It's great for ridding toxins and giving your body a firm up and detox xx

about 4 years

The dry brushing is awesome for getting rid of dead skin. My arms and legs look fab when I remember to do it! 😀

about 4 years

Hi there! First, the dry brushing. As our lymph system does not have a pump, you need to help it detox by exercise, massage and dry brushing. It basically makes it move and get rid of toxins quicker, thus improving the appearance of skin and getting rid of cellulite.
As for toning your abs, you can't spot reduce unfortunately. I find Pilates (both reformer and mat) super useful as well as general core exercises, plank and stuff like that. Try fitnessblender (on YouTube), that have tons of free exercises for toning and they really work.