Hi everyone! I've just started week 5 (hard to believe) and I find the ''non snacking'' a bit odd. Maddie, you wrote that it takes 3 hours for the stomach to empty. But when I have lunch at noon and dinner at six, it stays empty for three hours which doesn't make me feel that great.. Do you have any advice please? Thank you and love you xxx

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Madeleine Shaw
about 4 years

Hello gorgeous, if you feel like you need a snack have something healthy. We are all different and working different hours. Listen to your beautiful body xx

about 4 years

Some people asked maddie this a while back and she said we must listen to our own body and if it is hungry feed it. Just have a healthy snack, don't deprive your body X X

about 4 years

I'm on week 5 too but can't quite get there with the no snacking. I can have really long working days and need to keep my energy up. For me I find I have more of a tendency to overeat at mealtimes - lots of respect for anyone who can do it! X