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Hey girls, I bought the Glow Guides programme a few weeks ago but am struggling to get into the workouts, I find them quite difficult. Is this normal? How do you girls feel when doing the workouts and do you build up strength? Thanks x

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over 2 years

They are too difficult for me, as am
Recouperating from illness. Can only really do
Pilates and Thai chi at the mo.

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Madeleine Shaw
over 2 years

Hello gorgeous take it slowly and maybe try just a couple a weak until you get used to them and find it easier!! Take it slow and listen to your body and practice makes perfect xx

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over 2 years

I'm the same. Been trying since January but find them a real struggle. Others seem to find them ok though. I love the yoga đź’šjust do what you can

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R M Raithby
over 2 years

I'm struggling also felt as if I'd been hit by a truck this morning lol I'm hoping it will get better, persistence is key I think