Am in week 4 & have totally fallen off the wagon today. Feel really exhausted & have even resorted to cake (still homemade, dairy, gluten & sugar free though). Will try & get a decent sleep tonight, baby permitting, but don't think I can make it through on the one cup of caffeine today. Anyone else out there struggling?

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almost 4 years

just remember a bad day doesn't have to equal a bad week or month :) just try to pick up where you left off and maybe try different snacks from the program to perk you up in s healthy way xxx

almost 4 years

I had a similar lapse at week 4. I find it so difficult on days when I don't have my normal routine. Had about 4 days of bad eating but then picked up the plan again and feeling much better again a week later (saying that I did have a gu pudding at my friends' tonight!- rude to refuse!)

almost 4 years

Thanks for the support. Having an early night, crossing fingers for few/no wake-ups & will be back on track tomorrow 🙏💤💤

almost 4 years

Me too! Only on second week and was pleased with myself after managing week 1 (food, not much exercise) but had loads of snacks yesterday (all healthy but LOADS) and had pizza at a pub for lunch today and Pimms. Feel for you with the little one. Chronic sleep deprivation makes me crave carbs - roll on the day I get sleep rather than 8 wake ups! Tomorrow is another day! We can do it!

almost 4 years

It's tough when you don't get enough sleep, my 2 and half year old is shocking and it can have a knock on effect for the whole day. Don't be too hard on yourself, write today off and start afresh tomorrow, we all have slip ups. xxx

almost 4 years

It's totally fine! No ones perfect and we all have days/times like this! Just keep moving forward!