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Is 340ml the correct amount of rice milk for the porridge? It seems to be a lot against the 50g of oats?

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Madeleine Shaw
almost 3 years

Hello! I like mine quite milky but you can reduce the amount if you prefer! Xx

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almost 3 years

Thank you, I went for 250 and it was perfect!

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almost 3 years

Large glass of milk with 1/2 of oats so I dunno what large glass in ml but that's on my dietician guide

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Awaken My Spirit
almost 3 years

I also thought the same as my oats are also swimming in there...I prefer thick consistency..

will know for next time to use less....

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almost 3 years

I used a lot less otherwise it's like oat soup and I don't like it! The oats don't absorb it all.