Absolutely loving the plan! I'd say I stick to it about 70% of the time and the other 30% I'm making really good choices! So I'm super pleased! Except today! I'm knackered and was making the kids mac & cheese... Well I proceeded to snack my way through quite a lot of it!!! 🙈 and now I feel terrible!!! Headachy, sluggish, boated... Obv it's the after affect! So I've just poured myself a peppermint tea to help the digestion but any other advice from you lovely glow girls to help feel better after this and get back on track? I'm having sea bass and a quinoa salad for dinner! Thanks in advance! Xx

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Madeleine Shaw
over 3 years

Hello lovely, that's amazing well done!! I recommend lemon and ginger, lots of water and if you can stomach it a shot of apple cider vinegar is great for the guy!! Xx

over 3 years

Hi well done so far. Today is just a tiny blip. Don't beat yourself up. Get back on it and you will be fine in a day or two. We have all done it - it's normal. I always say to myself that if I go off plan which I do - enjoy what I have. Understand that I may not feel so great and don't feel guilty. This is a plan for life so it's gonna happen.
Keep smiling 😘