Oh Glowies...I'm not having a good time of it at the moment. Feeling so low and having lots of negative thoughts about myself creep back in. Im feeling ugly and fat and that's how I felt daily when I was unwell and now the thoughts are coming back. I don't know how to beat them! Works also incredible lay stressful which has triggered off my IBS which just further contributes to feeling disgusting because I'm always bloated and sluggish. I just don't know what to do anymore or how to get back to me 😢😢😢

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Jenny Quinn
almost 4 years

Thanks Lynn 😘

Lynn Watkinson
almost 4 years

I have a few ill friends at the moment that have really put things into perspective. Your body is amazing and if you are here right now then that is a miracle worth celebrating. Be.... Don't see xxx

Madeleine Shaw
almost 4 years

Hello gorgeous, take deep breaths and meditate. Try to find the things you're grateful for and take things one moment at a time ❤️❤️

R M Raithby
almost 4 years

I've been feeling rather low recently too. I've been doing the meditation a few times a day whenever things get on top of me, and I also find getting outside helps. But obviously not always possible to do when busy but even a few minutes in the fresh air can help. Tell yourself tomorrow is a new day and think of the positive things that have happened that day no matter how small. Hope you feel better soon x

almost 4 years

Sorry to hear you're feeling this way. When I'm feeling like this I find getting out in the countryside for some fresh air on my own really helps. Especially if you do some exercise outside. There may be exercise classes near you that are delivered outside. It's all easier said than done when you're feeling rubbish. Sending you positive thought x

almost 4 years

Sorry to hear you're feeling low... Try to surround yourself with lots of positive things - family, friends, good music, get outdoors for a nice walk... I hope you feel better soon. xx