Off to Liverpool for a few days where's good to eat???

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Madeleine Shaw
almost 4 years

Have a little google it's amazing for great finds!! I don't know many places in Liverpool xx

almost 4 years

Hey I've just finished at the university of liverpool and did the glow guides there :)
Head to bold street it's full of independent shops, restaurants and cafes
Leaf has a huge herbal tea menu and the best gluten free brownies
East Avenue Bakehouse is great for breakfast eggs avo & rye bread
Bold street coffee best coffee in town with healthy snacks
Mowgli is a great Indian street food restaurant with vegan and gluten free menu
Matta's international food shop is great for all your specialist ingredients and most importantly om bar!
Nearer the docks wahacca is always a good option for really tasty mexican food
Hope thus helps xxx

almost 4 years

I live in Liverpool but don't eat out that much these days. Moose coffee is good for food but lots of naughty stuff on the menu. There's a place called the egg cafe which is meant to be very good. Outside the city a bit is a place called the moon and pea which is good for breakfast and nice park nearby. Bill's in the city centre has great healthy options. John Lewis has a good juice bar. I don't think we have as many healthy options as most cities. Sorry not a great help - I need to get out more 😆