I'm thinking of purchasing the glow guide.But wondering if it is good for me.i suffer from severe skin problems.I healed myself before with the candida diet before returning back to some of my wicked ways...
But am determined this time to make it a way of life-instead of a temporary fix.
So wanted to ask if the glow guide is for healing the gut?
Or would it be better for me to stick to the candida diet at first?
Also,there are quite a few meat dishes and I'm mainly a vegetarian/pescetarian...?
Sorry,done so much research and feel just need to stick to one regime-and there is so much out there.
Really would appreciate your feedback!Thanks Nx

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over 4 years

Thank you Dolls!Really appreciate your feedback!Will give it a go and am excited to join the glow tribe!👍💪😊

over 4 years

I'm pesceterian and I found it very easy to adapt the meals. There aren't that many meals with beef or chicken in them anyway.
Considering Madeleine's background with IBS, I'd say the plan is great for healing the gut. I certainly found it helpful, I just have a daily cultures tea every day for higher amount of probiotics and that's it.
Also, my husband loved it (and he hates veggies or anything remotely healthy). We both found the plan very helpful with weight maintenance and general detox of the system. The recipes are very good and not typical boring "protein and green salad" kind of thing.

Madeleine Shaw
over 4 years

Hello gorgeous, the plan is great for the gut especially the miso, tamari and sauerkraut they are all natural probiotics and contain great gut flora!! There are lots of veggies and pesceterians on the plan and you can just substitute the meat for fish or beans xx