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Did the workout after I got home from work. Only managed to get just over half way through and then started to feel sick and quite weak? Is that just down to lack of fitness or blood sugar or something? Feeling deflated as I was really hoping to get on top of my exercise! Any advice glowies? X

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over 2 years

Thanks for the advice everyone :) xx

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Madeleine Shaw
over 2 years

Hello lovely, it's probably your body adjusting to the new regime. It does get easier I promise and practice makes perfect xx

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Emma jane
over 2 years

Your body was maybe just tired from a busy day at work. Also the workouts as surprisingly hard, you watch the demo and think I can do that but after a few rounds it starts to burn xxx

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Vicki C
over 2 years

Hey Sophiaw 😀
Well done for attempting the workout, go girl!
It might be down to your body adjusting to the food, so go easy on yourself. You tried it so focus on that. You'll be racing through the workouts in no time! All the best xx