Hi all👋
I'm really excited to be starting the programme! For the last two weeks I've changed my life using ready steady glow and get the glow. Apart from two days off where it's been children's birthdays and I've gone all out on the cake which made me feel disgusting I've bought this app and I'm looking forward to sticking to it as I don't want to feel like I did on Thursday when I ate a huuuuuge slice of cake which my body completely rejected. My skins feeling better my face is less puffy and my recent one is I've cut down my caffeine to one cup a day.
Just wondering why the day starts with turmeric milk? I love it so it's no problem for me to have it just wondering the reasoning behind it?
Looking forward to doing this transformational journey with you all
Rosie xx

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Madeleine Shaw
about 4 years

Hello beautiful!! Amazing so pleased you've joined the glow squad! Turmeric is great for digestion, it's anti-inflammatory and a super way to start your day xx