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Hi I'm thinking about signing up to this but am on holiday next week. I've got the books and followed some principles last year and saw some really benefit, so want to do it for a longer period and hopefully sustain it!

If I sign up today can I access the meal plan etc so I can prep and then start when i get back from holiday? I only ask as I've found other plans that week 1 starts the moment you sign up and i need to get my head around things before i start it proper! Thanks 😊

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Madeleine Shaw
over 2 years

Amazing!! Welcome to the glow squad!! Let us know how you get on xxxx

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over 2 years

Good luck! Madeleine did a livestream with tips for staying healthy on hols. Check it out! Have a fab holiday xx

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over 2 years

Thanks, bit the bullet and signed up!! 😃 x

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Ella Cockerell
over 2 years

Yes, you can start whenever you want, the content is there for you forever...welcome! X