Hi!So,just signed up to the glow programme and am really excited and looking forward to this healthy and transformational journey!!
Am about to do my weekly food shop!Yay!Now.being a vegetarian/pescetarian I'm thinking of replacing tomorrow's whole chicken with the good life nut burgers and the chicken fillets with Tofu.
Any thoughts or other suggestions for vegetarian alternatives are most welcome!!😉
Also, I have been really into doing my morning smoothies instead of breakfast,as I don't have enough time I the morning-due to my work schedule.
I have to be at work at 8am and sometimes earlier and lunch is at 11am.So the smoothie keeps me going until then and I love them.
Is it ok to still replace the smoothie for the breaki?
Any suggestions for good new smoothie recipes that will enhance our glow??
Currently I love my berry smoothie-
Fresh or frozen berries with half an avocado and handful of spinach or kale and coconut water or pomegranate juice and chia seeds,flaxseeds and a green powder-either spirulina or chlorella or maca
Or a green smoothie with spinach,kale,ginger,Avo,cucumber,
Mango and all other extras.

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Madeleine Shaw
over 4 years

Hello gorgeous, yes that sounds great!! You can add the oats or chia seeds into your smoothie xxxx

over 4 years

Make sure you get a thick straw and maybe add more water/milk to compensate for the thickness - let us know how they go! xx

over 4 years

Thanks!Good idea!make an oat,chia seed berry brekki smoothie!👍love it!😍xx

over 4 years

Not sure, but most of my breakfasts contain oats or chia seeds or quinoa... So how about adding a spoon of those to your smoothies? xx