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Hey - i need some advice/suggestions - especially from maddy. Next week starts the month of ramadan for us muslims and i'll be fasting from 4am - 6pm for a month. I'm a little confused as to how to stick to the plan's teachings with that. What i usually did was have fruits or soup at 6pm when i broke my fast. Then a proper meal with protein & carbs - like a dinner around 8pm. Followed by what we call "suhoor" - which i usually treat as breakfast and have a smoothie or sandwich.

Any suggestions on how to stick to the plan with fasting? Meal ideas or plans? I want to take advantage of the month as a detox/rest for my body food-wise. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks 💕

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Madeleine Shaw
over 2 years

Hello lovely! I would suggest you don't exercise as you may be dehydrated and feeling a bit weaker. Maybe have meals from the plan at 6pm a hearty dinner and snacks throughout the evening. A big breakfast would be great for you, see how you feel with with hunger, make sure you're having complex carbs, healthy fats and protein for energy levels xx

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over 2 years

That's what I was thinking Nike just have it all at different times. Happy days

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over 2 years

Uh tricky one!i guess you could have the suggested glow lunch at 6pm and the suggested glow dinner at 8pm and the breakfast after for suhoor...!?