Even I needed a little motivation to drag my booty to the gym today. Love this quote - I started exercising because it makes me feel good, I always feel bouncing and full of energy afterwards 💃🏼 What do you love about moving your body? Xx

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Madeleine Shaw
almost 4 years

Sounds amazing!! Xx

about 4 years

It makes me feel capable, happy and de-stressed (although trying to get my heels down in downward dog makes me feel distressed but then you can't have everything to please you!)! ❤️

about 4 years

Well done!💪💃🏻
I love exercising because it makes me feel good and gives me more energy and a sense of wellbeing!🌟
However I must say those 5am starts to do the workout and then cycle to work is taking it out on me-probably because I haven't managed to go to bed at 9pm.More like at 10-10.15pm.And it's that time of the month and well the weather isn't helping either...probably just takes a bit of time to adjust to the new routine...