Hi all, I haven't posted for a while. I've incorporated a lot of Glow food into my everyday eating but I'm still drinking too much wine so I'm going to give it a real push this week. Anyone else doing the same?

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almost 4 years

ahhh you r a wine babe like me. i have found i cant drink as much as before or i feel really ill but still have some st weekends. i have started to stagger with lime juice and fizzy water which helps slow me down.

Madeleine Shaw
almost 4 years

You can do it!! Xx

almost 4 years

I don't worry about tea and coffee if it's the morning. If you are sticking rigidly to the plan you can still have one cup before 11am.

almost 4 years

Yes!had some wine on Friday night-but the week before I had a vodka with fresh orange juice instead.
And I still succumbed to a cup of coffee in the morning...
But would like to tighten up the regime as well.
I used to love a strong builders cup of tea too-but mangled to get if it with green tea!Love the clear springs Matcha tea and twinings mango & lychee green tea.

almost 4 years

For me it's tea - I do love a cuppa builder's!