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Does anyone know any healthy ice cream or frozen yoghurt recipes? This weather goes hand in hand with ice cream for me.

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Madeleine Shaw
over 2 years

I love my vegan strawberries and cream ice lollies at the moment they are perfect for this sunny weather!! The are on my website gorgeous and I hope you enjoy them xx

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over 2 years

Maddy has an ice Lolly recipe on her website.. strawberries & cream.. very yummy 😋

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over 2 years

Absolutely! Freeze some banana then chuck it in the food processor for a while - magic!

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over 2 years

I really like banana 'ice cream' it's yummy

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over 2 years

Great plan. I'm going to buy some mounds now. X

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over 2 years

Yes me too! Missing the Magnums, so I bought some of those ice lolly moulds & filled them with fresh juice as a healthier alternative. I bet some of the smoothies like the mango lassi would be amazing frozen too! Banana freezes well.. 🍡😋