Ok, help me out on the coconut oil. Do you get it in liquid form as all I have seen, and have, is solid. So for the salmon marinade do I heat it first or will it melt in the tamari sauce??? Tia xx

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Madeleine Shaw
over 3 years

Hi Susan, the coconut takes liquid form when it reaches 24 Celsius. You can heat it slowly in a pan and use it like that as it's easy to spread as a marinade! Let me know how it goes xx

almost 4 years

coconut oil is mostly all the same, the consistency just depends on the temperature, im in australia so its runny like normal oil at the moment but 10 seconds in the microwave is all it needs otherwise

almost 4 years

Be careful when you warm it in the microwave. it's gets really hot quickly, I managed to melt a hole through the pot it was in! there was coconut oil everywhere 😮

almost 4 years

No I get it in solid form

Susan McGarrigle
almost 4 years

Perfect, thank you ladies x

almost 4 years

I heated it up slightly..... Dont know if that was right but couldnt see how you could mix it in any other way.

Zoe Birch
almost 4 years

I usually put mine in the microwave for a few seconds when using it in recipe or heat it in the pan of using for cooking, hope that helps x